Miss Teen Ohio International

Miss Teen Ohio 2003

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Jennell Dunn is
Miss Teen Ohio International 2003
and Miss Teen International Top Ten Finalist


Honestly I can admit that after sitting through school, day after day, for so long I began to look upon each coming class with a frown and a sense of duty rather then the enthusiasm I should have had. Then, out of the clear blue sky it hit me like a ton of bricks, each and every grade, lecture, and teacher were simply stepping stones that, regardless of the importance, I had to give my most valuable thinking and hard work effort towards in order to continue in the direction I needed to be headed in. So what if my career goals have nothing to do with having the ability to figure out linear equations! The important thing was that if I succeeded at that point I was definitely going to succeed in the rest of my life. As Miss Teen Ohio, I am still striving for the ability to make it clear that academics may not always be the most exciting thing you will do as a kid but it will be the most beneficial thing for you. As Miss Teen Ohio, I am a role model for children. My wish is that I am impacting them in a way that will help them to be more successful.”




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