Competition History

The National Director and President of Mrs. International, Inc. Mary Richardson was the first Mrs. Virginia USA 1992 and has been involved in Competitions for 16 years. She served on the board of a preliminary to Miss Virginia America for 8 years, judged for Miss, Teen and Mrs. Competitions through out Virginia, Tennessee, South & North Carolina and Maryland. She has been Executive Director for the Mrs. Virginia International Competition since 1994 and has had 4 top ten place finishers at Mrs. International. Mrs. Richardson is a cheerleader varsity coach and owns and operates a cosmetic company, Image Cosmetics. Mary and husband, Mel Richardson have been married for 18 years with 3 children. Mary & Mel, also a Competition judge, emcee and producer of the Mrs. Virginia recognized the importance of a Competition that emphasized more than just the "physical" beauty of the contestants and so they became the new owners of the Mrs. International System. The swimsuit competition was eliminated and replaced with aerobic wear.

Sue & Dennis Holland the founders of the Mrs. International Competition produced city, regional, state and national Competitions. They have become leaders in the industry by producing high quality Competitions for married women. By pioneering new and innovate ideas such as including husbands on stage and the crowning of the queen by her husband, they are appealing to an entirely new market, the family, represented by the wife. The first year Mrs. International produced a national Competition; it was shown in markets with four million viewing homes.

Feelings are strong across the United States to promote Mrs. International with elegance and dignity. Showcasing the family unit, working with non-profit organizations, highlighting the accomplishments of today's married women, and giving women the opportunity of competition will continue to be the ideals for Mrs. International.

Each state delegate will represent her state at the national Competition and for the upcoming year. The women involved in the Mrs. International system are those wishing to help reunite the strength our country was built on, that being the American Family. Although only one will be crowned Mrs. International, each woman involved at both state and local levels, will be thought of as a true winner.

Competition History

The Mrs. Ohio® International Competition is licensed exclusively to and independently produced by Bow-Tech Productions with permission from Mrs. International, Inc. In 1993, the Hollands awarded the license to the State of Ohio to Susan Botek, Mrs. Ohio® USA 1990. One of the strict policies of the Mrs. International Competition is to provide a Community Effort through Fundraising; this year our Competition will benefit the "Light the Way" foundation.

Susan is also no stranger to Competitions, as she was a local director in the Miss America System for 5 years and has been the State Director for the Mrs. Ohio® USA/International Competition since 1992; a title she was proud to represent in 1990. In 1995 she was awarded the Beauties of America 30s National Title a Competition that Susan is now the National Director. In 1997, Susan also won the national title of USA Petite Woman Competition.

Susan and her husband Sam created and own Bow Tech. Productions, Inc. They are using the knowledge that they gained producing shows with names like Ray Charles, Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and the Raiders), Davy Jones (of the Monkees), and her personal favorite, the incomparable Mr. Jerry Lewis, and his one-man touring show.

What does Mrs. Botek bring to this Competition that will make it special? She has a unique vantage point; not many directors have been a contestant (coming home with the title and without), has sat in the judge's seat and has directed Competitions for 19 years. Combining her experience in producing highly-attended and professional events starring such acclaimed celebrities with an insider knowledge of local, state and national Competitions is a winning combination. "As with any production company working with 'big names', we glean wisdom from our stars. For instance, the best advice I have received came from Jerry Lewis, who let me know how important to give the celebrities a comfortable environment to live and perform in. At the Mrs Ohio International Competition, our stars are the delegates and we see to it they go home feeling they were involved in a high-quality production, a fair competition and can look back on the experience knowing they have grown and learned from being involved in Mrs. Ohio®." Susan's philosophy is, "that Competitions are for learning new things and being able to step outside of your personal comfort zone."

Our belief is not that we are picking winners from a group of representatives,
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Mrs. Ohio International Pageant is all about Celebrating beauty and achievement as a married woman with recognition for her devotion to her family, professional life and community. Enjoy full theatre production at the Mrs Ohio Beauty Pageant Competition. Compete to represent Mrs Ohio at the televised Mrs. International Pageant Competition. Now showcasing along with Mrs Ohio Pageant Competition on stage is Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Ohio which is recognized as a married competion and for more than a beauty contest or beauty pageant in the usa or among american pageants today, including the pageant world and universe competitions. And as a married competition you too could be the next crowned Mrs Ohio. (Mrs Ohio® is a registered trademark owned by BowTech Productions) For more information contact