Competition Media Coverage - 2004
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The Toledo Blade- May 24, 2004 The Toledo Club Newsletter- June, 2004
The Bedford Sun- July, 2004 The Bedford Sun- July, 2004
The Toledo Blade Bedford News

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Mrs. Ohio International Pageant is all about Celebrating beauty and achievement as a married woman with recognition for her devotion to her family, professional life and community. Enjoy full theatre production at the Mrs Ohio Beauty Pageant Competition. Compete to represent Mrs Ohio at the televised Mrs. International Pageant Competition. Now showcasing along with Mrs Ohio Pageant Competition on stage is Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Ohio which is recognized as a married competion and for more than a beauty contest or beauty pageant in the usa or among american pageants today, including the pageant world and universe competitions. And as a married competition you too could be the next crowned Mrs Ohio. (Mrs Ohio® is a registered trademark owned by BowTech Productions) For more information contact