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Mrs. International Executive Directors Mel and Mary Richardson presented the next set of awards. The Rookie of the Year award went to Iowa State Directors Ken and Dee Henderson, and the Director of the Year award was given to Louisiana State Directors Karen and Ricky Wells. Honoring state directors and staff in such a way is a rare event in the pageant industry; to make such awards a part of the preliminary show proved to be a wonderful decision on the part of Mel and Mary Richardson.

As anticipation of final night grew, delegates, the cast of celebrities, and Davenport Productions put the finishing touches on the show at rehearsals. Their hard work paved the way for a night of incredible entertainment - something that has come to be expected of the Mrs. International stage presentations. The evening's event would prove to be something on the order of the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards.


When the curtain opened, the contestants, along with the dancers and entertainers, presented a spectacular production number that told the audience that this was an evening to be remembered. Host Bob Eubanks and co-host Debbie James handled the introductions of the contestants, during which fans and audience expressed their vocal support for their favorite delegates. The competition continued in earnest with the announcement of the Top 10, who were: Mrs. AZ, Mrs. AR, Mrs. IL, Mrs. MN, Mrs. NC, Mrs. SD, Mrs. TN, Mrs. SC,Mrs. UT, and Mrs. VA.

While the contestants were preparing for their next appearances, the judges were introduced. After another musical production number, the Top 10 finalists competed in aerobic wear. Grammy award-winner Gloria Gaynor performed a medley of the many recordings she made famous, including her most recognized hit song, "I Will Survive" (which is also the title of her autobiography written in 1997). This added an element to the evening that matched any award- winning show on television.

For Evening Wear com-, petition, the delegates magically appeared on stage with their admiring husbands serving as escorts. The love and support displayed by each contestant's partner touched the hearts of everyone during this part of the show.

When Bob Eubanks asked for the judges' decisions, the excitement and anticipation throughout the Louise Mandrell Theater was palpable. Bob announced the Top 5 in reverse order of finish: 4th R/U Mrs. IL Donna Beering, 3 R/U Mrs. NC Shanna Hester, 2nd R/U Mrs. UT Cherie Fisher, 1st R/U Mrs. MN Pamela Finley, and the new Mrs. International Mrs. VA Tonya Matney. The audience rose to their feet to applaud the winners, and also to show appreciation for the first-class event they would not soon forget.

The evening was topped off by a Coronation Ball, during which everyone had the opportunity to appear in congratulatory photos and partake in a wonderful buffet. All in all, it was an evening to celebrate a successful week filled with family togetherness and new friends. The Ball was a fitting close to a memorable experience for us all, and it also was the start of a year that Mrs. International '02 Tonya Matney and her family will long cherish.

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