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Mrs. International celebrates its continuing commitment to excellence on a Tennessee mountaintop where
everyone leaves a winner.


There comes a time in every married couple's life when they reflect on the cherished memories of the past and commit to their goals of the future - dreams that
only they can share. Such a renewal of vows at this year's Mrs. International event was never more apparent. After all, it is here in the Smoky Mountains where
honeymoon couples by the thousands come to start lives together and vow a lifetime of commitment to each other. How appropriate, then, that the location and setting of
Mrs.International also is the "Smokies." The pageant offers "a moment in time" to participants not only to renew their personal vows to each other, but also to
reinforce the program's own vows for which it has become famous. That promise made to each contestant, their families, and their state directors is to produce the
highest-quality event for married women in the world.

The Mrs. International Program and finals events showcase the heart of the program - the married woman. The program's philosophy - that "our stars are our contestants" - was never more evident than at this year's events. The candidates for the title were the celebrities, and sharing the stage with professional show-business entertainers only increased each
contestant's celebrity status!

Headlining the 2002 finals, masterfully produced by Matt Davenport Productions, was the Grammy award-winning vocalist Gloria Gaynor. She was joined by mistress of ceremonies and Star Search spokes model winner Debbie James and returning master host and the star of The Newlywed Game, the incomparable Bob Eubanks. With this caliber of celebrity talent, coupled with the support of accomplished performers and the "Stars of the Week" - the contestants - the stage was set for yet another unbelievable week in the family vacation spot of the country, "The Great Smoky Mountains."

Upon the delegates' arrival from around the country and the world at the scenic, luxurious Music Road Hotel, the staff and state directors of the Mrs. International Program greeted them and introduced them to their sister contestants. Thus began the process of establishing camaraderie and new friendships, for which the Mrs. International Program is well known. This would be a week for not only sharing experiences and touring the sites of this fabulous location, but also a time to encourage a coming together as a sorority of women with much in common.

An orientation provided all the contestants with details concerning their week of activities. First on the agenda was a fun-filled day at Dollywood Theme Park. Then it was time for the contestants to step into- their celebrity roles; they were whisked off to the mall for autograph signings and candid photos. By now, each contestant was realizing what a high quality program they were part of. The autographs and photo sessions demonstrated just how much their director cared for them and how special they were.

Once back at the hotel, candidates for the title got down to business with individual in-depth interviews with the judges. This part of the pageant gave the panel of judges opportunities to meet each contestant on a personal level. The interviews also offered each woman the chance to share their community-service platform. Judges would learn why they had chosen their particular platform subject, as well as what they had accomplished on behalf of their beneficiaries. Mrs. International places a great deal of emphasis on this area of competition, because the platform becomes a part of the year's activities for whoever is chosen as Mrs. International.

With those preliminary interviews completed, the fun continued when contestants traveled to the incredible Louise Mandrel Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN, site of the finals show. There they were introduced to the show's award-winning producer Matt Davenport. The excitement grew as the delegates had their first view of the stage and sets, and then were given an overview of their roles in the upcoming shows. Time-outs sandwiched between rehearsals allowed candidates throughout the week to share with their families many of the area's tourist activities. As the busy rehearsal schedule continued, contestants received much care and encouragement from Matt Davenport and his staff, which would payoff in their finals performance.

The first evening began with the introduction of celebrity host Debbie James. With her proficient yet exciting delivery of the carefully planned script, it soon became clear why this beautiful young woman had won the Star Search spokesmodel prize. She put Mrs. International contestants at ease with her on-stage presence and polished introductions. The show itself featured top-rated dancers and entertainers brought together by Matt Davenport Productions.

Contestants competed in Aerobic Wear, a competition designed to demonstrate their commitment to fitness. On-stage interviews offered insights into their personalities. Then it was time for the beautiful Evening Wear presentation, where each woman appeared in a gown of her choosing, escorted by her admiring husband.
At the close of the preliminary show, the winners were announced and several special awards presented.

For the first time at Mrs. International, there was a three-way tie for the Aerobic Wear award - it went to Mrs. Hawaii Tara Easley, Mrs. Minnesota Pamela Finley, and Mrs. Nebraska Peggy Malzacher. Mrs. Italy Bettina Burghart was the preliminary Photogenic winner, and she also took the Evening Wear award for the fresh and exciting new designer gown that complemented her presentation. Pageantry magazine Publisher Charles Dunn and President Betty Dunn presented the Pageantry Spirit Award to Kansas State Director Glenda Owens, in honor of her tireless efforts and determination on behalf of that state's program.


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